Geopolitical issues require a presence in all markets

Geopolitical issues require a presence in all markets

The French importer-exporter Distrimex is becoming more and more international. Recently, the company opened offices in Chile and South Africa. Nathalie Casal, business manager: “Since it was founded in 1975 by my father, Distrimex has continued to develop in new countries.”

“Until 2010, we mainly sold on the European market. Today, we export a lot to overseas countries, such as the Middle East, Asia, India and Egypt. Our goal is to penetrate the Chinese market, although it’s a complicated market. You really have to be present in all global markets, because geopolitical issues are too important. A market may close overnight, as we have witnessed in Russia.”

Each year, Distrimex distributes 50,000 tons of fruits and vegetables worldwide. The apple is one of its flagship products.

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